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In-depth technical market knowledge is essential for strategic decisions in food companies: Either to enter new businesses; retain customers and get new ones; decide and invest in new technologies; enable new products; carry out production trials; reduce costs, update knowledge; and so forth. The information needed ranges from purely technical to techno-commecial: New technologies, applications, materials, partners, competition; Cost-in-use; Industrial practices; Developments in the pipeline; Customer technical satisfaction and future needs; 'Who is who' in a specific process technology.

Getting the needed information is complex, as it requires more than straight business-to-business market knowledge: it also requires good knowledge of technologies, applications, industrial know-how, realities of customers and other players. Technical market researchers must also know how to talk to company managers, speak the same technical language; Ideally he should have a similar work experience, to have the correct technical understanding and communication skills.

To achieve this, we carefully select our team at Foodlink Forum. Our experts have the right combined backgrounds in industrial product and process technologies, food engineering, sciences (chemistry, physics, biochemistry, physiology) as well as in ingredient, product and process development (Unilever, Dannone, DSM and others). It is due to this unique integration that we are the partner of choice for customised food technical market information of Blue Chip and other companies worldwide for over 12 years.

Technical Market Research

Technical market information serves to link your company to the market, to learn about available options and to get practical techno-commercial information from other users, customers and other players. More than 12 years of experience combining technology, technical market knowledge and practical industrial experience deliver highly practical information of top quality and efficiency (time, costs). Our services are used by company managers as base for their strategic decisions, investment choices, product and business development, and cost reduction projects.

Our technical market research services cover:

Customer Technical Needs

In order to offer your industrial customer new products that fit his needs, you need to find out what his development plans are. Our food specialists help you researching these future needs. Using an external specialist has several advantages, and complements your efforts. His cross-over of knowledge brings new, fresh ideas that can be very innovative to your situation.

Surveying customer technical needs can be done for one or a group of customers. A questionnaire is prepared and discussed with you, and forms the basis of the survey. Surveys can be done at distance (telephone) or at location (customer's company). It can be done alone or in collaboration with your personnel.

Customer Technical Satisfaction Research

Your present industrial clients are the life line to your company. Finding out via an independent survey how satisfied he is and whether improvements in your products are necessary may bring you very important information. Being able to solve technical issues that your customer may have directly translate into keeping your customer. Thus you must know of any issues; that is what technical satisfaction research achieves. And even when there are no issues, customers appreciate your good service efforts, and the survey contributes to retain their loyalty.

Satisfaction research service adjusts to our client needs. It can be done for one client or a group of clients; via desk research or in technical in-company visits. It is based on a questionnaire, prepared by us based on your briefing. We keep you informed as the survey proceeds, so that you are always well informed and in control of the project.

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